Hardware Garden #6

We are back! With a new, bigger and better venue. With presentations in English. And with equally sensational speakers.

  • Tuesday, 13.02.2018; 18:30
  • Campus Warsaw, ul. Ząbkowska 33C (entrance from across Nieporęcka 14 Street)
Jakub Musiałek

Piotr Raczyński i Jacek Tworkowski

Jakub Buszyński

Adam Woźniak


From creating a working physical prototype to setting up a supply chain with partners around the world. The road to becoming a global profitable business for hardware startups adds multiple new levels of challenges every day. Facing the ins and outs of designing, manufacturing, managing cashflow and scaling the distribution requires a lot of advice from experienced mentors.

Hardware Garden is a place for everyone interested in building their own device. Making sensors, drones, 3d printers, robots, toys or any other gadgets? Join us and meet exciting founders and investors that will share theirs success and failure stories.

Want to share your story or have ideas about the topics we should cover? Give us a sign! .


Hardware Garden #6
Tuesday, 13.02.2018

  • 18:30Welcome!
  • 18:35 "The adventure of developing hardware devices for musicians"
    Piotr Raczyński i Jacek Tworkowski - Polyend
  • 19:05 "From sensor for drones to medical device. AISENS company business case."
    Adam Woźniak - AISENS

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Organizer Paweł Harajda
Paweł Harajda
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